thinking about…

getting lost in this beautiful, slightly haunting photo collection. strange and lovely. this is my favourite post I’ve found so far.

lusting after this tartan tote bag. If you ask me, plaid is an all-year, every year trend.

loving the poem that won this year’s World Poetry Slam Championship (it’s at the bottom of the article!) I have so much respect for this amazing woman and her powerful words.

gazing at this gorgeous print. and starting to think I should put aside a special wall for prints…or not, if I ever want to save money.

moving back towards wearing eyeliner every day. I love how dramatic it feels! plus by contrast my dark eye circles practically fade away. my go-to is Stila’s, primarily because my hero Miss James uses it.

knowing that this article is true. I found it in a rough spell, and maybe because I’m a little superstitious – this article was published on my birthday! – it’s rung more true to me than every other “find your purpose” tool I’ve come across.

wearing white this summer. any bets how long it takes before I spill something on myself? I am loving this crop top and this perfect skirt.

feeling so overwhelmed by this third grade class’s answers to the question, “what do you wish your teacher knew?”

learning something new every day with Highbrow, who send helpful little emails each day containing information about a topic you get to choose. I started with “Science questions everyone should know how to answer”.

making my own kombucha. Crazy or awesome?

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