thinking about…

visiting Wendy Whiteley’s secret garden, a hidden spot overlooking the Sydney CBD that I just discovered online. Sounds magical.

learning to put my phone away and focus. this cute post has helped – it suggests you think of your phone as a selfish child seeking attention.

perfecting my flimsy hair with a bit of volume and some texture from this organic brand with the yummiest packaging. My hairdresser used a bit of this range on me when I went to get a trim and now I’m seriously tempted.

cooking up a storm for all my friends with birthdays around the corner. I made my boyfriend a tray of syrupy, sugar-dusted cinnamon rolls on his birthday and they went down a treat. There’s something so impressive-looking about serving them up in the tray too, maybe because it proves you didn’t just buy them from a store. The actual recipe I used was from this gorgeous book but you can find free versions that come pretty close all over the internet, like this one.

tidying my life up with my new diary. Since I got my first iPhone two years ago, I’ve been using Calendar exclusively because it’s so convenient to have my events sync between my devices and set myself notifications to stave off forgetfulness. Recently, though, I started missing the feeling of taking out my pen and writing down my tasks for the week, and looking at a page spread to see what I had coming up this week. September is a super weird time to buy a diary – I fielded some strange looks – but fortunately everybody has their financial year diaries on sale now so I picked up a sweet little planner for a song. as you can see here, I made a pocket in the back for those important documents you want to take everywhere.

indulging in this lip balm. it sounds, um, yum.

dreaming of closing my books and travelling to some faraway land (hello laughing New York lady in the image above!). it’s that time of year when everybody has had just about enough! from here on, it’s all about finding little sweet spots in life to get us through. this year has gone so quickly, there’s no better way to be reminded that life moves too fast to sweat the small stuff.

dealing with disappointment. a think I’ve had to do a little bit lately. I’m working on an in-depth post about this, to share what I’ve learned. in the mean time I’m staying positive by listening (read: crazy dancing!) to obnoxiously upbeat songs and focusing on things I can control, like taking care of my body and my mind with Blogilates’ positive little workout videos.

Much love,


image found on pinterest.

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