thinking about…

catching back up on my sleep schedule. these past few weeks so much fun and work have been happening, the sleep graph is dropping and the coffee consumption is rising… with the break coming up, I’m in the mood for this sweater, if only it was available here!

decorating my office, when I one day have an office… this is the inspiration and and this is such a gorgeous home office.

taking advice from this blog on professionalism as a young woman lawyer.

enjoying nature. now spring is here there are flowers everywhere and it’s finally warm enough to enjoy being outdoors again!

feeling stressed,  then thankful when I lost my poor iPhone to water damage (in the toilet! oh my!) then Apple replaced it at half price at the Genius Bar. their customer service is amazing: so friendly but very no-nonsense. the whole affair also reminded me how darn useful my phone is! going without it – particularly the calendar and email apps – for two whole days was more disorientating than I thought it would be. now I’m thinking of getting my new baby a lovely new case to protect it.

celebrating this wonderful new personal security app. hearing about this was one of those ‘of course!’ moments.

contemplating this print to start the week off on the right foot.

balancing assignments, reading, exercise and work. I wish I could link to a helpful webpage or product on this, but so far the only method I’ve tried that works is to keep a to-do list and have a little perspective on life’s curveballs.

covering myself with this watermelon lotion and also a watermelon soap. the summer fever is setting in hard now and I’m loving everything tropical and fruity!

snoozy image from Miss Moss


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