no whining.

they say to do all things with love. they say to take the best interpretation. they say kindness is contagious.

in hard times, nothing ‘they’ say is any help.

tempers rise. words run too fast. and in the worst times, what ‘they’ say is thrown to the wind, maybe deliberately, maybe even for effect. and later we feel shame – embarrassment – that we could forget such basic parts of what it means to be a friend.

i have been so lucky in my loved ones. they are forgiving, kind, funny, generous, thoughtful. and even so, there are hard times, there are sharp words. so i can only conclude that this must happen to everybody.

so, to my companions down here in the trenches: I think we should keep trying. because every bit of progress we make is a gift to a deserving friend. and I think, even though we can’t be perfect, we’ll thank ourselves for it.




gorgeous print from here with thanks to my blog hero Erin for linking me


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