thinking about…

  1. watching this gif over and over and sending it to everyone I know.
  2. printing these gorgeous (and free – how generous is that!) inspirational artworks for my space.
  3. sleeping in a clean, well-made bed. last weekend as a treat my mum did up my bed for me. I thought I was doing an okay job of it but this was a whole new thing. next laundry day she’s going to teach me how to get on that level.
  4. finding out that there are more CEOs of major companies named John than all the female CEOs of equivalent companies put together. this graph is a good visualisation of what that looks like.
  5. re-reading a beautiful old post I found in my bookmarks from back in my Tumblr days.
  6. needing some cute flats (maybe these?) for uni.
  7. washing and putting away some of my very heaviest winter clothes now it’s getting a little warmer.
  8. wanting a gorgeous, inspiring agenda like this one, or this.
  9. preparing for summer with cute workout videos like this one here.
  10. spoiling my friends with little gifts. A week ago one of my lovely ladies brought me a tiny present at uni, just to show she was thinking about me. It brightened up my whole day and I realised how nice you can make someone feel without breaking the bank.



Image found here.


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