these first few weeks of class have been full of good things – catching up with friends, discovering new cafes on campus, great lecturers (and a few of the nutty ones, of course.) in between all that, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I splurged on this denim playsuit for summer. i’m so excited at the traces of sunny weather we’re seeing already!
  • going exploring. The cornflowers are at Sydney’s Grounds of Alexandria cafe, which probably has the most beautiful bathroom decor I’ve ever seen.
  • practicing with my camera – close-ups, pinhole, low light.
  • a dangerous new family tradition of putting together a huge, delicious cheeseboard to munch on while we prepare dinner.
  • taking time to notice the details.
  • drinking herbal tea and keeping my Vitamin C up to keep my immune system strong now I have to travel on the train every day again.
  • reading for pleasure in between reading to keep my head above water in class.
  • funny story: when we moved in to this house, the bath had no plug. that wasn’t much of a problem, since I mainly use the shower, but recently I started fancying a warm soak. we’re searching high and low to find a plug the right size – in the meantime, I’m using different heavy objects in my bathroom to weigh down on the sinkhole then seeing how long I can go without kicking them loose.


IMG_0771 IMG_0779


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