warm quinoa salad

I think we all have a meal for one that we turn to when we’re holed up inside working. something healthy to help us when we’re almost in hibernation, but yummy and enjoyable to make. mine is this simple study meal, somewhere between a salad and a stir fry. it only needs one pot, and it takes about half an hour to make, or five minutes if you’ve got your quinoa prepared in advance.

here’s how to make it:

  1. for one serve, wash one-third of a cup of dry quinoa grains in a sieve and boil in a small pot until softened to the texture of pasta.
  2. while the quinoa is cooking, take one carrot and peel it, discarding the peel. then hang on to your carrot peeler and use it to slice the remainder of the carrot into strips.
  3. when the quinoa is fully cooked, strain and wash it again to remove any excess liquid and starch. keep it to the side while you heat some oil in the bottom of the pot at medium heat.
  4. add your strips of carrot and fry gently until soft. return the quinoa to the pot and add half a teaspoon of chilli flakes, if you’d like the salad a little spicy.
  5. wash a handful of baby spinach leaves and add them to your pot. they will fill it to the top at first, but put a lid over the pot for five minutes and it will simmer down.
  6. give the mixture a stir, then serve it into a bowl. you can garnish with some shaved parmesan or coriander.

what are your simple study meals? let me know in the comments!




9 thoughts on “warm quinoa salad

  1. I love quinoa. I’ve tried it with different simple ingredients. I have never tried it with veggies before. This recipe is new for me. I’m going to try it very soon. x


      1. I’ve grated in gouda or maribo cheese to make something like a risotto. Almond milk and nutmeg for a potage. And stirred in with sauteed greens and shiitake. I don’t know what you call that maybe a warm green quinoa salad?

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  2. I always prioritize super quick in these cases, so I have 2:

    Halfway between an omelette and scrambled eggs
    – Crack 2 or 3 eggs into a jug.
    – Add some chopped spinach (fresh or frozen) and whatever else you have on hand – I love chopped mushroom/capsicum/avocado.
    – Mix together and pour into a frying pan.
    – If you’re feeling fancy/naughty add in some feta/parmesan
    – Flip (but don’t worry if it ends up tearing and sort of scrambled)
    – Nom with salt and pepper

    Fancy 2-minute noodles
    – Cook your noodles
    – While that happens, fry an egg
    – Add in some frozen corn/peas before (optionally) draining the noodles – soak for at least 10 seconds
    – Add on your egg, and optionally some hot sauce (sriracha <3)

    My ultimate study thing to do is to make a huge bowl of bircher muesli and use that as an instant snack ^.^

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    1. Oooooooh yummm!!! That omelet sounds super great and obviously any excuse for noodles is a great one (plus: sriracha! Gosh I wish we had that here in Australia! Sounds like chicken soup for my inner spice monkey).


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