thinking about…

sleeping on a silk pillowcase like these ones, which apparently stops your hair from waking up frowzy in the morning.

protecting rainforests full of endangered species and environments through the Orangutan Project.

starting better conversations.

enjoying my new taste for unwinding with sweet scented, rainbow coloured (and sometimes sparkling!) bath bombs.

trying these juicy looking burgers.

running more. this week my weights instructor saw me on the treadmills at the gym and came up in her own time to cheer me on. I have some weight I could stand to lose and I’m learning that it’s more fun to overcome my distaste for how uncomfortable it is than steer to clear waters. to celebrate, I started off by doing the colour run today!

working on personal growth in my thoughts on bad moods, negativity and my feelings thanks to my friend Beth.

believing that Sydney bagels could maybe be as good as New York ones.

loving my new skincare, which is finally clearing away my winter congestion and makes me feel like a proper lady.

soaking up the summer sun. Hence my pretty swimming lady!

image from Chase Jarvis


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