So just before classes started, I got away to the Blue Mountains with my Mum on this tiny girls’ trip. We piled the bare essentials into our bags, took a book for the train and just went. It was sunny, we went shopping, and we went ahead and picked the most delicious-sounding food everywhere we went. It was only a one night trip but well worth our trouble.

First stop was Katoomba. We found this cafe that serves waffles made in the store, and coffee in these amazing art printed cups. I took a million photos (it was my camera’s first outing!). We poked around in some vintage stores then went to investigate our hotel, complete with crappy hotel teaware and bedspreads.


Next day, we had waffles for breakfast! Heaven. We spent the morning walking to Leura, discovered new shops (I spent more than I should have at iKou) and had THE BEST PIZZA of our lives at Leura Garage.

I worked out the other day that it has been seven months since I got out of Sydney properly. I’m going to fix that once Summer comes.




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