thinking about…

choosing just one of Mallory Lucille Rose‘s amazing wallpapers to use on my laptop.

drinking mulled wine, surely the only good thing about being out after dark in winter.

drawing inspiration from this sweet pencil set. I get the feeling I’d buy them, then never bear to use them.

planning my summer. It’s set to be a busy one, but I’m going to make sure there’s time around the edges for beach days, movie nights and long summer adventures.

demolishing these artisan crackers. Sydney peeps, they’re available in Woolies and they are incredible with cheese. {There may be a whole post devoted to cheeseboards around the corner…}

bringing more flowers into my house. They brighten up my desk a charm!

feeling inspired by this quote from the latest Kinfolk magazine.

reading paragraphs and pages and chapters and books! Class is back, with a vengeance.

trying this skincare. I hear great things, and my skin needs some love, so who knows… I might treat myself!

following this fun list. “Eat breakfast for dinner”? Um, always.

exploring my city. It feels crazy that I travel here every day but go straight past so many of Sydney’s best experiences… think Surry Hills brunches before class, and a hunt for our town’s best truffle fries.




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