thinking about…

using this walletYum.

introducing my family to This American Life. This episode was a hit – entertaining and also profound.

burning the candle my friend Beth sent me in what has to be the best care package ever.

watching Scrubs with my mum, chain-smoke style, all evening.

telling Instagram about this here blog! a thing I just did today. (hey guys!)

making the best of going back to uni with a little research into some new places to spend my breaks.

baking these cookies. you can do an emergency shortcut version by melting the butter and just mixing everything together in the order the recipe says.

reading this book. so far it’s difficult but I hear it’s worth it.

checking the time with the new watch I gifted myself out of the earnings of all my retail shifts these holidays.

taking my camera for a trip to the Blue Mountains this weekend! a last hurrah before classes start again.




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