a real camera!

my mum and dad are amazing parents, in so many ways: they’re wise, kind, funny and good-humoured. they’re also so generous, and this last week they made a dream of mine come true. as an early birthday present, they bought me a real camera.

I’ve been reading up on how to use it in this book. I’ve only just started learning to work with it, but…LOOK what it can do!!


1. keeping flowers in the bathroom is a luxury I can’t get enough of. I took about a hundred photos of these!

2. focusing on the little things.

3. & 4. & 5. low light loveliness – one thing my iPhone camera would never do.

6. & 7. cooking dinner on the first night. of course I had to set it all out.

8. this little collection of alpacas is growing in our kitchen.

9. dropped my book in the bath and now look what happened.

10. & 11. we’ve been watching this iris bloom a little more every morning. it’s sprouted up right outside our kitchen door so we keep warning each other not to snap it when we’re throwing out the tea leaves.

12. sunset.


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