thinking about…

using this walletYum.

introducing my family to This American Life. This episode was a hit – entertaining and also profound.

burning the candle my friend Beth sent me in what has to be the best care package ever.

watching Scrubs with my mum, chain-smoke style, all evening.

telling Instagram about this here blog! a thing I just did today. (hey guys!)

making the best of going back to uni with a little research into some new places to spend my breaks.

baking these cookies. you can do an emergency shortcut version by melting the butter and just mixing everything together in the order the recipe says.

reading this book. so far it’s difficult but I hear it’s worth it.

checking the time with the new watch I gifted myself out of the earnings of all my retail shifts these holidays.

taking my camera for a trip to the Blue Mountains this weekend! a last hurrah before classes start again.




a real camera!

my mum and dad are amazing parents, in so many ways: they’re wise, kind, funny and good-humoured. they’re also so generous, and this last week they made a dream of mine come true. as an early birthday present, they bought me a real camera.

I’ve been reading up on how to use it in this book. I’ve only just started learning to work with it, but…LOOK what it can do!!


1. keeping flowers in the bathroom is a luxury I can’t get enough of. I took about a hundred photos of these!

2. focusing on the little things.

3. & 4. & 5. low light loveliness – one thing my iPhone camera would never do.

6. & 7. cooking dinner on the first night. of course I had to set it all out.

8. this little collection of alpacas is growing in our kitchen.

9. dropped my book in the bath and now look what happened.

10. & 11. we’ve been watching this iris bloom a little more every morning. it’s sprouted up right outside our kitchen door so we keep warning each other not to snap it when we’re throwing out the tea leaves.

12. sunset.

we are family.


sometimes I feel like my job is such an important bit of my life, and all my different friends are such important people, that I forget for a minute how great the people living under the same roof as me are. times like that call for a family date, somewhere that we know we’ll all appreciate, sometime we know everybody needs a day off.

yesterday worked out to be one of those days –  a sliver of spare time in between work and work and friends and more work. so we pulled on our biggest coats and shoes that we didn’t mind getting sandy, plugged This American Life into the car stereo and drove up to Manly beach.

first stop was a cafe – after the drive i knew i needed a coffee, any coffee, and we tripped across a little cafe that i know we’ll be heading back to, on purpose. Ora serves organic food and drinks as well as a blend called “friendly coffee” made from ground almonds, coconut oil, butter and of course coffee, that apparently contains all the nutrients of a whole meal.

IMG_9894IMG_9883 IMG_9886 IMG_9889 IMG_9887 IMG_9891 IMG_9893after a walk we were planning to head for home but made an impromptu stop for cocktails and tapas at Belgrave Cartel, a family favourite. my favourite thing about this wine bar is its old curiosity shop atmosphere, with walls covered in artwork, thousands of candles and mismatched china servings.

IMG_9914 IMG_9919 IMG_9916



we came home, watched David Attenborough and went to bed early. it was the perfect day and made waking up this monday morning many times more achievable.