thinking about…

making these incredible-looking burgers;

tidying out my old makeup drawer. So much I don’t need. So much space to store more sweaters.

reading this book (I’m three chapters in and can’t wait for more);

smelling my favourite perfume;

poring over Oh Comely magazine, which my parents just brought me back from Mag Nation in Melbourne;

saving up for all the beautiful clothes that have just gone on sale. this top and a stylish, comfortable work skirt for my collection;

snuggling with a kitten instead of just a hot water bottle to keep me warm at night. Sigh…

baking these cookies out of Kinfolk. They sound so delicious!

admiring the illustration work of Lieke van der Vorst. There is something so perfect and strange about her images.

what are your plans to cheer up this Winter? are you a cold weather person or are you waiting out the days until you can get out your beach towel, like me?



Photo from over here


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