scrubbing up.

If anyone asked me for my “best beauty tip” or my “number one saving idea”, or whatever silly question, my utterly un-silly answer would be: you do not need to be buying body scrub.

I don’t think this is like those so-called ‘helpful’ tips that soaking your hair in beer is conditioning, or those so-called ‘easy’ tips about how cold showers fix whatever skin problem you have going on. Because scrubs can be so expensive, and making them is so easy and mess-free and painless, this is one “tip” I have actually stuck to.

Here’s how easy it is: you find a nice shower-safe container to house your scrub. Mine is an old Kiehl’s body butter tub.

Then you get together some dry ingredients: white sugar and salt are classics, and I also love putting in polenta for its golden colour. Mix them up in your container, leaving some space at the top for your wet ingredients.


Your wet ingredients could be something cleansing, like shower gel, or something moisturising, like coconut oil. I try to get a bit of both, with a moisturising body wash. The main thing is not to use something that your tender, newly-scrubbed skin might react to, so try to use something you know your skin likes.

Give it a stir, or if you don’t have anything to stir with (I keep my ingredients in my bathroom cupboard and mix up a batch each week for my showers) just put the top on the container and give it a good shake. You can always mix it up with your finger once you climb in the shower anyway.

Scrub away on dry skin before turning on your shower (or if it’s freezing cold, get the hot tap going so you get some nice warm steam while you stand out of the way to do your scrub).

See what I mean? It’s so easy I felt silly even writing out instructions for you. And the great thing about making your own is you’re in total control of what goes into it, and the consistency. I like a nice thick scrub, what about you?

P.S. if you haven’t thought about it before, I would say that using a body scrub at least once a week is a good idea. It helps clear away dead skin cells so your skin stays supple and nourishment from your body lotion gets through to it. It also improves circulation to your skin so it looks nicer and heals cuts or abrasions faster. There’s some evidence that it helps reduce cellulite or fat on areas where you scrub but science hasn’t confirmed that.

xx Dora


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