vivid sydney.

the vivid festival started in Sydney last weekend. for those not familiar with it, vivid has been going on for some years here in Sydney. the main attraction is an incredible light show running every night from 6pm for about a fortnight in the heart of Sydney, including animated projections onto buildings that normally only attract out of town tourists. everyone goes along to have at least a bit of a look around.

we went on a Monday night and even though it was a “school night”, there were crowds. many families had brought along their children, who were all so excited. everyone was so friendly and the whole area had an amazing carnival atmosphere despite being (by Sydney standards at least) freezing cold. IMG_9326 IMG_9344

IMG_9415 one of my favourite parts was this sculpture, which was covered in kids having the time of their lives climbing all over it: IMG_9359 If you’re around Sydney I definitely recommend going for a look around! bring a warm coat, make sure you have plenty of charge on your phone or camera, and have dinner first so you can do lots of walking.


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