One Hundred Dollars


I could. So easily.

For out-of-towners, Priceline is a huge discount pharmacy brand we have here in Australia, filled with every kind of cosmetics, skincare, health supplements, and actual pharmacy stuff. When I was a tiny girl, my mum took me there as a special treat after a hard week at school, or on a girls’ day out – it seemed like this huge warehouse filled with toys for me to test out, but that I couldn’t possibly need. Mum would get herself a lipstick – and as I got older, we’d get one each – and we’d take them home and try them on and soak up the feeling of having something new and a little bit fancy. That’s where I learned about retail therapy.

Now I’m an adult and I have my own money and a commute that makes me past at least three separate Pricelines, I still love that new-lipstick feeling. And after a long, tiring day, with a grubby train journey ahead of me and the prospect of class readings and assignment preparation after that, retail therapy is hard to resist.

I’ve posted here about my goal of saving my money to spend it more sustainably, on items that make me feel good about myself and that don’t harm the environment. One of the ways I’m trying to go about that is to cut down on the small expenses that I make without thinking, but that add up quickly and suddenly I’ve spent enough that I could have bought this supple genuine leather skirt, or this sophisticated cape.

I’m always a sucker for a gorgeous nudey, peachy nail colour. And lip products are so easy to justify to myself: this one is the best I’ve ever tried for conditioning and protecting my lips, and I’ve only got one of them; I’m hearing good things about this new lipstick, and these are just the right middle ground between a colour and a balm. Plus a few health supplements to keep me fresh and healthy are always a good idea. Add in a nice cleanser and eye cream I love using, because with winter coming on it’s getting more important to take care of my complexion, and we’re actually over the limit! One hundred and forty dollars plus change.

And that’s why, instead of going there for real, I’m leaving these here in case someone out there needs some recommendations.

Do you love these little chunks of retail therapy? What are your biggest spending weaknesses?



1. essie nail colour 16.95 each. shown here in ‘picked perfect’, ‘back in the limo’, ‘comfy in cashmere’ and ‘sequin sash’. 2. swisse ultiboost immune supplement $15.99. 3. people for plants organic lip balm in vanilla and cocoa butter $9.99. 4. yes to grapefruit daily facial scrub $14.99 and dark circle correcting eye cream $23.99. 5. burt’s bees tinted lip balm $14.99 each shown here in ‘rose’ and ‘blush orchid’. 6. revlon ultra hd lipstick in ‘hd magnolia’ $23.95. 7. swisse high strength chlorophyll $21.99. 

= total $142.94


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