En Premier


hello everybody, my name’s Dora. I’m 21, I live in sydney, australia, and I’m a student on a marginal budget. but I’m bad at spending money.

here are some things I currently spend money on:

1. cute mugs;
2. magazines;
3. cheap online clothes stores;
4. nail polish.

But here are some of the things I need:

1.quality leather shoes
2. gorgeous and practical clothes, ethically and sustainably made from natural fibres, that go with everything so I will keep on wearing them for years
3. a handbag that doesn’t break after one season.

there is zero overlap between those lists. THIS IS CRAZINESS!!! ten fashion magazines that I will read once and then put on the shelf, that I could switch out for reading fashion blogs free online = one amazingly expensive pair of nice, nice jeans I would love for ever.

and that craziness is what this blog is about. trying to scope out the right decisions and get a stand-back perspective on why I like what I like.

I’m calling this project FRENCH GIRLS DO, because the french girls are the ones we imagine as always flawless. who can maybe only afford one perfect outfit, but hey – they have one perfect outfit. french girls are classic girls, and that’s where I’m trying to end up, and it’s so exciting to me right now that maybe I can end up feeling like that.

maybe I’ll work out at some point that it isn’t about the clothes. I definitely feel like, despite everything I said up there about my budget and my cheap splurges, it’s not about money. it’s about being classic. and those perfect french girls you read about? that’s how to be classic.

enjoy, darlings.




3 thoughts on “En Premier

  1. Hey Dora,
    I’m a little (okay a lot! lol) older than you but with a similar perspective. Have you tried thrift stores? You’d be pleasantly surprised at the amazing things on offer, and this way, it’ll give you a good (& inexpensive) start to your sustainable clothes-&-other purchasing journey!
    I also love the way you write…it’s lovely and really engaging! Keep it up, because I’ll be back 😉
    PS: The haunts you frequent are all quite familiar too….are you north-side?

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